Can I be covered under another insurance plan and still be eligible for an HSA?

If you are covered under anyone else's non-HSA eligible High Deductible Health Plan, then the answer is no. However there are certain coverages that are permitted by the IRS such that you will not be disqualified from opening an HSA account with the following:

  1. Insurance coverage for something that is non-medical (e.g., workers' comp, home insurance, auto insurance, etc.)

  2. Insurance coverage for specific disease or illness (e.g., cancer policy)

  3. Hospitalization insurance where insurance pays a fixed amount per time period (e.g., days or weeks)

  4. Coverage under an Employee Assistance Program

  5. Discount cards to health services

  6. Insurance coverage for dental, vision, long-term care, accident, or disability

Source: IRC Sec. 223(c)(1)(A)(ii)

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